There is something magical about creating a physical object with your hands. I love the Interwebs as much as the next guy, but to be honest I feel more fulfilled when I produce a work of art or craft something from raw materials that I can hold and touch.

I have started working on a table for Tara. She wants to be able to look out over the lake when she is working from home. It will also serve as a dinner table for our little family when Zane is old enough to be in a high chair.

I am overbuilding it a bit. It is made of thick cedar lumber and will have a very heavy top. My goal is to make this a keepsake that will be in our family well into the future. I will post pics of the progress as I reach major milestones.

When was the last time you built something with your hands?


Ted Murphy

Ted Murphy

Ted Murphy is an American entrepreneur. He is currently the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of IZEA, a technology company that provides software for influencer marketing.

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