Startup Profiles

October 27, 2013

Aereo Disrupts Television Broadcasting

Aereo (site no longer live) provides a disruptive alternative to cable and satellite television. The company takes over-the-air broadcast television signals and re-transmits them as an online stream to their own…
July 29, 2013

Silvercar Wants to Take the Suckiness out of Car Rental

Ever rented a car from the airport and waited forever in a long line only to get the cheap leftovers? Yeah, we’ve all been there and said some things we…

Other Things of Interest


The Pro Display XDR Wasn’t Made for You (or Me)

Yesterday Apple unveiled the Pro Display XDR. The new 32-inch LCD panel delivers a 6016…

Google’s Camera Embeded Contact Lenses

A Fix For Glassholes The concept behind Google Glass is cool... just like the concept…

Intel Edison : The SD Card-Sized Computer

CES 2014 was interesting as always.... but apparently it was too interesting because I forgot…