A few months ago I made a pit stop at 7-11 to buy some little treats for my team members at IZEA. As the cashier was ringing me up I noticed that he missed a few items. When he presented my total I explained to him that he neglected to scan everything. He responded defensively, and insisted that everything was accounted for.

I paused for a few seconds, part of me just wanted to pay and get out of there, but my conscience took over and I couldn’t. I proceeded to get into an argument with the cashier, eventually he agreed to go through the receipt item by item with me. He added the extra things he missed to my bill and I walked out the door.

When I got into my car I sat there wondering… what the hell just happened? Did I actually get into an argument so I could pay more!?!? Who does that?

The answer is my dad. My family calls my dad the boyscout. Throughout his life he has always tried to teach his kids to do the right thing, even if the right thing doesn’t always make sense. When I realized I had just gotten into that stupid argument because of his influence I couldn’t help but smile.

My Biggest Influence

After our engagement Tara and I started talking about who would be in our wedding party. When she asked me who my best man would be it set me down a path of happy memories and introspection. I have been blessed by relationships with so many people in my life, but no other person has impacted my life like my father.

My father has given me the spirit to become an entrepreneur, the freedom to express myself, the courage to overcome adversity and the wit to make life an enjoyable experience. He has been by my side to celebrate victories and push through challenges… even when he hasn’t been physically there.

I can think of no other man more responsible for where I am in life. No other man more suited to stand by my side when I get married. I am honored to have my dad as my best man.

Parents Make a Difference

I want to give a shout out to all the parents out there. I know it must be incredibly difficult to raise children these days. I was a pain in the ass as a child and teenager. I acted out, said and did some stupid things and didn’t give my parents the appreciation that they truly deserved. Today’s world is even more complicated and time intensive, I don’t know how some of you do it.

I want you to know that you are making a big difference in your child’s life. It may not be apparent today, but every lesson you teach and every nugget of knowledge you share will impact your child for years to come.

You do make a difference and your child will appreciate all the time, sacrifice and love one day.

Ted Murphy

Ted Murphy

Ted Murphy is an American entrepreneur. He is currently the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of IZEA, a technology company that provides software for influencer marketing.


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