Peace for Haiti

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standard_resolutionI have been overwhelmed by the support for earthquake victims in Haiti. The country has been torn apart by the disaster, but the world is coming to their aid. From concerts and telethons to text messages and twitter campaigns these past few weeks have been a testament to our global humanity. I am especially proud of America, no matter where tragedy strikes our government, companies and citizens provide relief like no other.

I am trying to do my little part too. mf36154I have decided to sell a one of a kind piece of art that I have been working on over the past month or so. I didn’t start the project with Haiti in mind, but when the disaster struck I knew exactly what I needed to do. The artwork is black ink on paper, about 8.5 inches square. It is a peace symbol that appears to be almost solid when viewed from a few feet away but reveals intricate patterns and objects when viewed closely. It is for sale on Ebay, all proceeds go to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

This artwork would look great in a frame sitting on a desk.


Show Me Your Cans!

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Support Rock for Hunger

It’s hard to believe but Thanksgiving and Festivus are right around the corner. While the holidays are a time of celebration and full, bloated bellies for most they are a time of struggle for others. Way too many people don’t have food to put on the table year round, let alone the holidays. I am supporting Rock for Hunger again this month with a mini canned food drive to build up their reserves. My goal is to collect 200 cans of food this week to donate to this wonderful organization.

10 Cans for the hungry = 1 Burrito for You

I will be at the downtown Orlando Pancheros this Friday from noon until 1:30 collecting cans of non-perishable food items. Every person that brings me 10 cans or more gets a free burrito on me. The person who brings me the most cans will win a $75 Pancheros gift card courtesy of my good friends at Pancheros. Second place gets a $25 Pancheros gift card. If you don’t do so already make sure you follow Pancheros on Twitter, they are good peeps and I appreciate them helping me out.

Let’s recap : You get a burrito. We feed the hungry. Everybody wins! Please help spread the word to your Orlando friends! It’s the season to give back.’


5 Cans  = 1 Free Cocktail

Our tweeps over at Wall Street have stepped up to help support the cause. Can’t make it for the logomain event and contest at Pancheros? Join us at happy hour from 4-9pm at WaiTiki on Wall Street this Friday. Free burrito or free booze for a great cause. You can’t go wrong. Want to know what is happening in dowtown orlando? Follow @wallstplaza

Contribute from Anywhere!

10 Comments  = 1 Burrito for the hungry

200px-optimized_image_cdeec5dfI realize that not all of you live in Orlando, but may like to help out. I have great news… you can contribute from anywhere in the world! For every 10 comments left on this blog post (by a unique person) I will buy a burrito gift card that will be donated to Rock for Hunger. They can use these cards to treat the hungry to a fantastic warm meal filled with cheesy goodness.

20 Retweets  = 1 Burrito for the hungry

Too lazy to leave a comment? Just hit the retweet button on the top of this page and share with your friends.

1 Pingback = 1 Burrito for the hungry

Want to help even more? Write a blog post and spread the word. For every blog post that pings back this post I will buy a burrito gift card for the hungry as well. I will buy up to 100 burrito giftcards for comments, rewtweets and pingbacks. Together we can help feed a lot of hungry people.

Own Me For Charity

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What if you could rock out your business, event or blog and do something great for the community at the same time? This is your chance. I am working with Rock For Hunger to end the cycle of hunger and poverty through education, life style design and career development solutions. This is the same organization that I helped with the bathtub full of cereal earlier in the year.

I Am Up For Auction

I have put a day of my time up for auction on eBay. The entire proceeds of the auction will be donated to Rock For Hunger. You can use the time as you see fit. Whether you want some consulting, a blog design, logo or speaking I am up for it. I am happy to talk about any of the following topics:

– Entrepreneurial business advice
– Social media strategy
– Internet marketing strategy
– Web design and usability
– Personal or corporate branding
– Corporate culture development
– Raising venture capital / business funding
– Disrupting your industry
– General awesomeness

I will fly to any location in the world. Transportation and lodging needs to be provided by the winner of this auction.

You can use the time virtually or in person. If you use it in person you get me for one day, one shot (9am-6pm), unless you live in Orlando. If you ask me to work with you virtually we can do that in 1 hour increments.


Pledge to End Hunger

Pledge to End Hunger

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Can 5,000 Feed 560,000?

I am meeting some awesome people at SWSX in Austin this week. On Friday I ran into Scott Henderson, a great guy behind a great cause. Scott is the the campaign manager for Pledge to End Hunger. In just one week, 2,500 people have signed the pledge and committed to do something to help end childhood hunger in America. The effort has already delivered more than 89,000 lbs of food (courtesy of Tyson Foods), which is enough to feed over 350,000 children in need.

I want your help!  If a total of 5,000 people sign The Pledge by Tuesday at 1 PM ET, Tyson will donate another truck load of food and make it possible for us to feed a total of 560,000 children in need. We’re already halfway there and can make this goal with your help.

You are already on the interwebs. Go now and sign the pledge, it is easy and free.

Pledge to End Hunger

Charity Day

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Yesterday Ashley and I spent the morning making donations to charity. We donated 104 boxes of cereal to Rock For Hunger and an awesome set of Craftsman tools to Habitat for Humanity.

Charity Day from Ted Murphy on Vimeo.

I want to thank Sears and IZEA again for providing the gift card that made my tool donation possible.

How about you? What are you doing to give back this holiday season? If you blogged about it please leave a link in the comments below.