Directional Sound

By February 15, 2009 gear 8 Comments

Last night I watched the TED video below and was blown away by inventor Woody Norris. I had heard about sound cannons being used to thwart pirates on the news, but never understood the genesis of the technology. Woody is man behind the concept and this video explains how it works.

The second I was done with this video I set out to purchase a directional sound speaker for my office. I want to set one up in my cube so I can jam out without bothering others or wearing headphones. I also thought directional sound speakers would be great for keeping the noise complaints to a minimum at my lake parties.

Woody’s company is American Technology Coproration. ATC doesn’t sell product on thier site so I had to dig around a bit. Unfortunately the prices haven’t come down very much since this video was made in 2004. The lowest price is $663.47 as of today and the speakers are only available through one distributor (which doesn’t seem to have any in stock). I tried eBay, no such luck. I am still going to try and get one, I am fascinated by directional sound techology. I will let you know how it works.


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