Bring Your A-Game

By February 7, 2009 life No Comments

The economy sucks. Times are tough. Competition is fierce. What is your strategy?

My strategy has been to focus, optimize and bring my A-Game. From coffee to cable television I cut out all the crap I didn’t need in my life. I focused on getting my body and my companies leaner and more disciplined. I looked to optimize everything I touched, seeking opportunities to add income and reduce expenses across the board. I decided I was going to be more effective and aggressive in every capacity I could.

This whole process started last summer, well ahead of the big economic fall out. At IZEA we call our strategy Operation Optimus, at home I call it Marathon Man. This month these initiatives really came together. Despite an economic downturn IZEA had its best sales ever in January. On the personal front I completed my first Marathon. It can happen people…you just need to go after it.

Whether you are a business owner, employee or unemployed it is time to get off that butt of yours and get into gear. What are you doing to change your life to match the changes in our economy? You can’t keep doing what you were doing; it’s not enough anymore. At home you need to tighten up, cut the excess and live healthy. Use that extra time and energy to dominate at work and make yourself irreplaceable. Go above and beyond, do things that “aren’t your job”, leave your co-workers and customers amazed by your awesomeness.

You can find success and happiness in a down economy, it just takes more work and less excess. What are three things you could cut at home? What are three things you could do better at work (if you are unemployed your job is getting a job)? It’s time to make some changes…it’s time to bring your A-Game.

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