I Will Grant You Three Wishes

By May 11, 2010 life 301 Comments

ted_genieThis morning I woke up and found myself blessed with super natural powers. Anything I wished for suddenly became a reality. I wished for a coffee… and the lady at Starbucks handed me one. I wished for silence… and my radio broke. I wished for freedom… and looked down to see I wasn’t wearing pants.

Amazing? Yes.

I am pretty much like a genie… but I hope I smell better than a genie because I imagine genies smell pretty bad from being couped in a bottle for so long.

Anywho – I want to share my powers with you. Simply leave a comment on this post with your three wishes and I will do my best to grant them. I cannot promise that all wishes will be granted… but if you don’t leave a comment I can promise it won’t be granted (by me anyway).


  • Jenn says:

    I wish for warmer weather, because I’m tired of being cold all of the time.

    I wish for $100, because it’ll mean the difference between my electric bill getting paid on time, and not getting paid on time. Heh.

    I wish for this annoying papercut on my finger to hurry up and heal!

  • Jenn says:

    P.S. Pantsless is the way to go!

    • teejay says:

      i wish for supernatural powers like flying saving people
      I wish to find 1,000 pounds
      I wish for me to go back and live with my dad and have a normally life

    • keitumetse maleka says:

      I wis everything I think of comes true and that rihanna was my mom send a fairy to me then I will tell her everything!!!!!!

  • Trevor says:

    I wish for you to really wear that hat next time I see you.
    I wish for it to be May 30th.
    I wish for bacon flavored donuts.

  • Vix says:

    Firstly I wish for you to put your pants back on.

    Secondly, I really wish my Macfreelance software would get fixed.

    Finally, I wish for lots of yes replies to my birthday party invites.

  • jules says:

    I want an iPhone
    I want to travel to Spain even for a day.
    I want world peace!

  • sam says:

    Need a digi cam.
    Need a Blackberry.
    Need regular opportunity(Post) at socialspark.

  • Gator Bates says:

    I wish for
    1) sleep
    2) sleep
    3) sleep

    Newborns are tiring!

  • BenSpark says:

    I wish for an exciting job suited to my talents – like being a personal photographer to families at Disney who are on special occasion trips.

    I wish for iPads for the whole family (Eva too :-)

    I wish for an extra hour a day sort of a time pocket between 5:30pm and 5:31pm where I go to a different plane of existence where I can have time to myself to just brainstorm ideas free of any and all distractions.

  • Jason says:

    One wish… can you take a picture without sticking your tongue out?!? Really come on Ted hahaha

  • Carney says:

    1) I wish I was a little bit taller.

    2) I wish I was a baller.

    3) I wish I had a girl who looked good (I would call her.)

    4*) I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a ’64 Impala.

    * The fourth wish is assumed for completeness.

  • Nate says:

    I wish for a better job.

    I wish for a new (to me) car so I can get around.

    I wish for the Red Sox to play better

  • I wish for Christina Philips to have a happy things happen to her.

    I wish for a toast with Whiskey Sours and Sidecars at Aunt Heddy’s funeral.

    I wish to be able to relax enough to enjoy a vacation.

  • I am so glad that your wishes were granted. My wishes are:
    1 – to be famous for at least one whole day ….opps I had better take that one back or I might end up on the evening news.
    2 – to have at least one of my blogs have a regular readership of 500+ people a day
    3 – that is enough of the fantasy wishes and this one is a reality check….I would really like to replace my old 170K mile car with a new one.

    Now where is that magic bottle with the Genie in it?

  • George says:

    1) A new MacBook pro or an ipad
    2) A better job? :-(
    3) 3 more wishes, since you didn’t specify my limits…


  • Ted,

    I wish I could be at your party,

    I wish I could teleport,

    and I wish you many more mornings of Super Powers!

  • Adam White says:

    Hello Ted,

    Do your best all powerful Genie! Can you do it?

    Wish#1 I’m local and I think what you are doing in our industry is awesome. I wanted to stop in and visit Izea on Thursday and would like the opportunity to meet the guy that started all this. Do you maybe have 2 minutes to meet in person?

    Wish #2 An Izea shirt could be cool.

    Wish #3 A taco maybe… I hear you guys have an open door invitation to clean out the fridge.

    See you Thursday? or if Friday is better, let me know when works for you. Thanks.

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    @johnraser first should always be for more wishes.

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  • Pat Curry says:

    I don’t care how bad that genie smells if he can grant my wishes:
    1. I wish for IZEAfest to be held again this year
    2. I wish for a daily dose of inspiration when I have time to act on it.
    3. I wish shoe manufacturers would not discontinue the very shoes I LOVE time after time Easy Spirit .. Merrell … Privo you have let me down… my feet hurt!

  • Ted Murphy says:

    @Adam White:
    This week may be a little hard for me. How about I buy you a taco on Tuesday. Come by the the office at 12:30. Please send me an email (ted@izea.com) to confirm.

  • Oh Genie Ted, Grant Me These Three Wishes:

    1. I wish for every read and unread email in all three of my inboxes to be replied to, labeled and archived immediately.

    2. I wish for a virtual assistant to help me keep on top of all emails, posts, and tasks every day

    3. I wish for an extra day at IZEAFest this year so I can do some sightseeing in Orlando!

  • Adam White says:


    Thanks for granting my wish. It was a pleasure meeting you and Izea is a very cool place. I look forward to the launch and maybe grabbing a frosty mug and some conversation soon. Sounds like a lot of fun and very exciting for this company. I hope you appreciated a small demonstration of a little ingenuity and the point in a unique delivery today as an exercise. Perhaps you will give some consideration to the information I left with you. But either way, I really am glad to get to know you personally and hope we meet again. You guys do some fun activities socially and are a fun group that I would like to get involved with at any level. Thanks for the 2 minutes Genie. Perhaps we can connect next week.

    Warm regards,

    Adam White

  • John Hewitt says:

    3 wishes would be:
    1 – $3000 for my wife to clear that bad memory!!
    2 – a shamanistic soul retrieval session for myself
    3 – one family in need to be given a house

  • Mz Tee says:

    Hi TED, My 3 wishes are as follow:
    1) I WISH 2 hit the fl lotto (im not greedy just 10mill will do)
    2) I WISH 2 travel the entire world (after hitting the lotto of course)
    3) I WISH 2 take you with US on our travels around the world (UR AWSOME- U Ready?????)

  • Hi Ted, this is my first time coming to your site so thank you for the interesting question on my wishes:

    1) I wish I could fund my two business ideas
    2) I wish I could help other entrepreneurs with my businesses
    3) I wish I could improve lives in America and Africa

  • Kendude says:

    I wish I had the magical superpowers I always wanted to even to ones on my right
    hand and fingertips.

    I wish i was so Popular people would talk to me more, hangout with me more
    engage conversation with me all the time, more friends.

    I wish I had lots of money, so rich that I can buy anything I like have all that I want, that i am rich all the time and jest so rich.

  • Suraj says:

    I want to do job in Management in It in USA..ha

  • Udi says:

    I wish every day had 30 hours (ok, I’ll settle for 28).

    I wish I had weird hats I could wear every day of the year and not repeat myself.

    I wish to know the mystery behind the tongue.

  • kylah says:

    i wish to have a perfectly sculpted body technicly a nice body

    i wish i was a billinare but no body in my family was greetie

    i wish jordan scott was in love with me and asked me out

  • james says:

    for my first wish i would want the power for all technology to do whatever i tell it to do. For my second wish is to have telekinisis. For my third wish is to be able to heal someone with a touch of my right hand pointy finger.

  • matt says:

    1:a remote to turne me from boy to girl. 2:$50,000. 3: my mom to find a loving,good,christain nan

  • kieth says:

    I wish i had $900 i wish i was really popular
    i wish i got to do what ever i want

  • CPY says:

    Grant me my wishes.

    1. I want to be young again(20 or 21).. which means the birth year on my birth certs, I.D…(all legal documents and records) change to a different date so I’m younger. But I want nothing else in my life to change, except my birth year and age.

    2. I want to become pretty, with pretty eyes that suits my face.

    3. I want to become more confident and skilled/talented in performing. (singing and dancing0


  • JAMES MCROY says:




  • Kenny says:

    Wish 1: To find better friendship with a white person who’s trustworthy, very smart, and nice, he never swears or say bad words, he’s around my age, he wears black t-shirt, brown khaki shorts with socks and slippers, he’ll go to the same high school as me and go to the same classes as me(all classes including lunch) and we’ll be best pals forever. (He will ring my doorbell at my front door so I’ll know that this wish has been granted) Please grant this wish before my school starts in August!

    Wish 2: Not to be afraid of squirrels, being shy or quiet anymore. also to be very smarter and get A’s in all my classes! (I will know everything)

    Wish 3: To become a wizard with 2 spell books (small and medium) and a real wand

  • Kimberly Landingham says:


  • Amber says:

    I wish I looked like this one girl from my school who is very pretty. Or at least close to how she looks.

    I wish my dad was in jail for what he did to my family.

    I wish I could be in Richmond Virginia with the guy I am in love with and that he was in love with me no matter what I looked like

  • morgan says:

    i want one of my friends to invite me to the fair tommorrow and not my sisters

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  • hellen says:

    1: i wish that whoever i like would like me back just as much.
    2: i wish that my dad would give me 300$ tomorrow morning for shopping.
    3: i wish that i was a genie too!!!

  • JAMES MCROY says:




  • JAMES MCROY says:




  • dominique salvador says:

    I wish for…..

    1.I wish not to recite to our flag ceremony on monday

    2.I wish i could buy a book tomorrow

    3.I wish we will be rich

  • linda gregg. says:

    1. to win lottery for millions 2. to lose 50 pds. 3 Good health for everyone in my family

  • Joshua says:

    1-I wish all my stretch marks are gone.

    2-I wish I have $999,999,999,999,999 on my bed, and another $999,999,999,999,999 in my bank account.

    3-I wish I knew how to instantly and magically grant ANY kind of wish made by anyone, especially myself.

  • robert cawthon says:

    i wish i had real bewitched powers

  • b says:


  • taylor says:

    I wish my dad acted like a real father
    I wish I had long beautiful hair
    I wish I aced the sat and act!


  • Joe Sanzone says:

    I Wish For A laptop!i Wish For Real Pokemon!I wish For A Wishing Stick!

  • Joe Sanzone says:

    I Wish For A kitten That I Wasn’t Allergic To! I Wish I Was Magic! I Wish Max Sanzone Was Magic!

  • Joe Sanzone says:

    1.I Wish For A Wishing Stick That Can Grant Anything I Say! Max Sanzone Too.2.I Wish There Were No Deaths.3.I Wish Every Blood Test Needle Blew Up And They Never Made Them Again!

  • Joe Sanzone says:

    I Wish I Could Fly! Max Sanzone Too.I Wish I Had A Pet Kirby From Nintendo Games.I Wish Max Sanzone Had No Diabetes!Please I Really Want These Wishes Granted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • garnetta says:

    i wish that andrecco king like me want me as new girlfriend and dump shalonda willingham

    i wish that andrecco king and me squash the issue and start clean slate and rekindled our relationship
    i wish 2011 will be better than 2010 and 2010 that all my dream and wishes come true

  • stefanie says:

    if this is really true. Please please plese help me. I just wish to have beautiful skin again. No more blackheads, no more acne, no more enlarge pores. Becuase of my skin, all i do is stay home. Sometimes i just want to kill myself becuase of this embrassment. please help. All i want is beautiful skin again.

  • Annie says:

    i wish to loose a great deal of weight by April or May

    to stay skinny

    i wish to have success in my carear when i grow older

    thank you

  • Anthony says:

    1- wake up with more postive enegry to start the day.
    2- Hav millions of people come to my website to drive traffic.http://www.cashiwant.com
    3- hav more money and fun then i could every dream of.

  • carly says:

    i hope these three wishes come true i really need them right now

  • 1. cure my arthiritis forever
    2. cure my menatal health
    3. diminish my forehead hair forever

  • Rossy says:

    1) I wish to be a dragon when ever i say “i wish to be a dragon” and when i think “i want to be human” i turn back to a human.
    2) I wish to be able to grant wishes for my self and others.

  • Alex Martin says:

    Wish 1- I wish i could shapeshift into anyone and be able to switch back
    Wish 2- I wish i had a time machine to travel to anytime
    Wish 3-I wish i had a iphone with free unlimted service

  • Joshua says:

    I wish for spider power, love potion, and a eletric guitar and a cell phone

  • jill says:

    I want ward back I want ward back I want ward back

  • jill says:

    1. I wish for 350,000 $ so I can keep my house
    2. I wish I could find a job
    3 I wish I wasn’t heartbroken

  • shree says:

    i wish i can find someone who can bring meaning to my life and be by my side always and help me realise what i want to achieve in life and make it come true who can love me truely and support me and b true to me and keep me happy always.someone to whom me n my smile means the world…
    i wish i can go back in time to change the now me n tell the me in past what to do for a bright future
    i wish i can travel thru dimensions

  • Tfc says:

    I wish that my friend kaliegh will be friends with me again really soon.

  • jimmy says:

    1 wish-to have magical powers like fireball, energy ball,telekenisis,teleportation
    2 to get always what i want
    3 people understand what i want

  • jimmy says:

    proove if you’re a genie buy making my wishes true

  • roxann says:

    i wish i had 7 more wishes
    i wish i had wings a rabbit

  • Martine. D says:

    I wish to win the mega millions jackpot
    I wish to get pregnant with twins by my husband
    I wish to win the powerball jackpot

  • Martine. D says:

    I wish to win the mega millions jackpot
    I wish to get pregnant with twins by my husband
    I wish to win the powerball jackpot

  • LINDA GREGG says:


  • Kim says:

    I wish for 20 million dollars
    I wish for the irs not to know about the 20 million
    I wish for no evil kickbacks for my wishes

  • terry paulson says:

    I wish I could get a new set of dentures. My innsurance only allow me a new set every
    5 years. the last dentist I saw made teeth that Mr. Ed could wear. You remember the talking horse
    Another wish I have is to find my son and spend some quality time with him.

  • joss says:

    1.i wish to be “5’3”
    2.smarter, fun, outgoing person
    3. To be rich

  • joss says:

    i wish that im “5’3”
    i wish that im a fun,smart outgoing person.
    i wish that the people in japan are safe.

  • Karla says:

    1. I wish for total confidence.
    2. I wish everything will work out.
    3. I wish my sister would always be happy and well.


  • Alex Greenhill says:

    I wish I had the ability to teleport and become completely invisible at will
    I also wish for a cure for alzhiemers

  • Ollie says:

    Grant Me These Wishes Please

    1. I wish I could alter free will

    2. I wish I was able to do impossible things

    3. I wish I was good at everything

  • taylir says:

    i wish i could get a cell phone for my bday
    i wish that i could get a touch screen computer that i wanted. and i wish for a new pair of sneakers that are white and niki like stephanies. i wish i could at least get one of these :)

  • i wish joe is my husband in this reality now and for all eternities faithfully ad really in love with me april
    i wish i am beautiful/desireable to for joe and for me that i’ll alway’s satisfy him 100 percent for all eternities without him ever
    wanting or needing other women now and all his life
    i wish that i am not nor ever be so down with my health and my wealth issues with alway’ so much negativities to be permanently restored and alway’s be in pure high spirits and happinesses

  • Cindy says:

    Wow u have a long tung.

    1. I wish all my money problems will go away.
    2. I wish that all my family members would get along and have no fancial problems.
    3. I wish that my brother and husband business would be a huge success.

  • i wish i am perfectly beautiful skinny and sexy perfectly rich and lived a perfectly happiest life/lifestyle’s of all the glamourous and super rich now and forever
    to be able to see a real life transformation
    a real life miracle everlastingly to the point i had no more flaws within all my appearances anymore in my eyes and others especially in the eyes of the man of m y dreams joe elliott and i wish that joe walked into my love life single available and veryily interested in me in return now and forever

  • i wish i was such a pampered princess that i lived such a lavishing lifestyle without having to break a sweat haivng to do anymore household chores all the day and nights of my whole lifetime or heaing poeple fight with me about it ever again i wish all my unwanted hairs darkcircles/bags and unwanted pounds permently away now and forever and i
    wish i am alway’s beautiful inside and out now and forever and if i could have just one more wish it be i wish joe was legally now my only husband

  • Jalen says:

    I wish for my boyfriend give me alot of attention.
    I wish to be a famous singer/actress.
    I wish that I had a Ipad 2.

  • damon jordan gilbert says:

    for my 1st wish I wish for my own permanent stay on me unlimited wishing powers to wish for anything including impossible to come true for real instantly like you Ted with one snap with no consquenses for each wish.for my 2nd wish I wish to own this store called Walmart in Montgomery,AL 36107 on Ann St. and I also have the deed to the store saying its mine forever.finally my 3rd wish I wish To be attractive to the sexy girls and women because I am smart,Itelligent,and cool with gadgets like ratchet & clank the video game for a PS2

  • damon jordan gilbert says:

    for my 4th wish I wish for a sexy body shape except for this big fat body I have now to attract the sexy girls at my school at Robert E. Lee high school so the boys will be jealous of my cool body.for my 5th wish I wish for this animated girl named Frayia on this tv show detective loki on charter OnDemand I want her to like me only me and I want her in her orginal form with her sword to protect me for life so I won’t be lonely.for my 6th & finally wish I wish for my little brother charles palmer III to have his own wishing wand with 100,000 wishes to be granted.

  • damon jordan gilbert says:

    ted my mistake of that last wish. what I want for this animated girl named Reiya to be in her orginal form and to love me forever and to protect me from danger I want to be real so everyone can see her but still animated and please grant my wishes for me because if these wishes aren’t granted then I will have a miserable life when I be 18 right now I am only 15 in the 10th grade trying fight my way to the 12th grade so I can gradulate from high school and never come back! the school named Robert E. Lee high school is a trouble place to be.It has boys&girls skipping,the 10th grade boys having sex with the 9th grade girls,girls getting preanent,and students cursing at teachers,principals,and school officers.It is a bad place to be there and montgomery the place i’m in is terrible so is the whole state of Alabama is mess up thats why I want my wishes to be granted so I can make this world a better place before It explodes in 2016 thats when earth ends.you and me have to save it before we die,please help save it or we’ll have a worse life when robots turn their backs against us in the future.

  • charles palmer III says:

    I wish for 100,000,000 wishing powers to wish for anything I want like my big ,nice,smart,intelligent,big brother damon jordan gilbert so I can be cool like him and I want my wishes to come true for real instantly with one snap with no consquenes for each wish thats what I want.

  • Rebekah says:

    I wish that my parents should let me date
    I wish we were rich
    I wish that this guy would like me

  • Pia says:

    1. I wish to be debt free
    2. I wish to travel the world
    3. I wish to live a peaceful existence

  • Reinagle says:

    Ted I really need help please.
    I wish I get a job to support myself.
    I wish Nigel Benjamin Sioson will love me again.
    I wish Nigel Benjamin Sioson and Rupert Hanz Soriano would be good friends

    advance thanks

  • Gaye says:

    Wish for a 5+ bedroom home so I can go back into foster care and have a place for the whole family togather and have a good time

  • Kayla says:

    HELLO TED!!!
    1) I wish i could read minds
    2) i wish i could waterbend
    3) FINALLY, i wish i could have purple hair with purple eyes (idk, just felt like it)

  • Alicia says:

    1. I wish I had magical abilities so I can cast spells of white magic

    2. I wish I had perfect eye sight so I don’t need to go through painful laser eye surgery

    3. I wish my family was blessed with luck, fortune, wealth, and joy so we can be a happy family

  • Alicia says:

    I wish that me and my family was smarter by 50%

  • Alicia L. W. says:

    if you are really a genie try to grant this wish of mine” I wish I can fly but I don’t need wings and that I can preditc future, and I can read people’s minds” If you are really
    a genie you could grant these right?

  • Alicia says:

    ted how long does it take to make our wishes come true?

  • Alicia says:

    actually ted I don’t want the ” I wish my family and I was smarter by 50%” because I got magic

  • Alicia says:

    ted I don’t want the” I wish I could read peoples mind and predict the future” wish

  • i wish joe and i are now lovers now and forever in this reality for all eternities
    i wish i am not ugly anymore
    i wish for 3 more wishes
    i wish my families and i nor all of our animals will never be completely homeless ever in all of our lives
    i wish joe will and i are now truly together forever
    i wish i am never eternally broke anymore ever again in my lifetimes

  • manuel says:

    i wish i hade neon blue eyes

  • i wish joe elliott and i are happily married now and forever in this reality
    just to live happily ever after together
    i wish for great healths and great perfect hygiene habits
    i wish for 2 more wishes
    i wish i was so rich now while living a very glamourous life that i would never even have to ever really lift a finger or a broomstick
    i wish joe and i are so attracted to each other now and forever that we can barely keep our hands off each other as well as alway’s be together until death due us part
    and if i could have just one more wish
    i wish joe and i will alway’s be faithful to one another

  • i wish joe was really physically here in my love life and will never leave me so very heartbrokened and very deeply dissapointed
    i wish i was really rich and beautiful to joe
    i wish i had all the power to get whatever i want out of life without being evil to do it

  • lily says:

    hey ted i wish that i can fly i wish that i was really intelligent and i wish that i was blessed with luck

  • lily says:

    how long does it take to grant an wish??

  • leonie says:

    Hello i need help with $900 dollars to get a plat for my teeth please and also $300 to see a neurosurgeon about my piturituary tumor on my brain thanks

  • leonie says:

    I need $900 to help get a plate for my teeth i meant thanks

  • Nataliebb says:

    Probably you wont grant my 3 wishes, but if you can, PLEASE DO (at least 1)!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1) My crush to talk to me

    2) I want my cat to speak like a human in english

    3) To have a good relation with my family and no arguing.

  • nicola wells says:

    1.i would wish for good health 2.i would wish for a holiday to disneyland for my lil girl :) 3.i would love to win a good amount of money on the lottery to help me get by xxxx thanks for ur kindness in sharing ur gift

  • Nathen says:

    1. I want that razor pocket rocket blue today and put it on my bed please. 2. I want my own wand to grant my own wishes and others that really works. 3. I want to have 1 million dollars cash on my bed today and every thing else on my bed today please

  • Nathen says:

    1. I want that razor pocket rocket blue today and put it on my bed please. 2. I want my own wand to grant my own wishes and others that really works. 3. I want to have 1 million dollars cash on my bed and every thing else on my bed in 1 minute okay

  • nanney says:

    1.) bee a little more prettier thenn my cousen laura .
    2.) ppl too havee moree respectt four mee :[
    3.) ppl too stop bullinq mee ! i hopee these 3 wishez kum truee ! or my lifee endz know

  • alisha says:

    I wish to win the Powerball Jackpot ..
    I only have one desire deep down my heart and NO! I don’t want it because I am greedy but ever since I was a little girl I always had dreams that I will touch lives of the poverty and be a respected icon in the celeb world. movie stars, singers, reality stars are all known for entertainment.. I don’t want to be that type of person but maybe share a show in the media world for helping the people in need.. (I watched a reality show last week and it i bursted into tears because of a poor family…we take so many things for granted and not appreciate what we have) I want to be a trendsetting person who will make a huge impact.. I PROMISE TO DONATE MY HAIR TO HINDU TEMPLE IF MY WISH GETS FULFILLED..and promise GOD what i have planned)

  • Brian says:

    1 I wish to have and 9 inch penis 2. I wish to have two big breasted girls to have sex with me 3 I wish I had a car

  • sean says:

    I am a man but wish to have humongous female breast.

  • damon jordan gilbert says:

    for my 1st wish. I wish to have all my wishes to come true for real and I keep them forever.
    2nd wish: I wish for my permanent stay on me unlimited wishing powers to make any wishes including impossible wishes come true for real instantly with the snap of my fingers no consquences from any of my wishes.
    3rd wish: I wish to have my own indestructable drivers license saying I can drive any vechile in the universe and I can drive. that’s all I wish for and I want them in time before monday morning. the drivers license,I want it at 730 forestdale drive so I can show it to everyone I’m the best.

  • Steven says:

    1) I wish I was a fully female girl.
    2) I wish my brother wasn’t special needs.
    3) I wish I was happy.

  • Shanell says:

    i wish for my crush to finally ask me out.
    i wish i was rich.
    i wish for my vagina to be perfect.

  • kamila says:

    hi. please grant my 3 wishes genie. the wishes are:

    1. Justin bieber would nock into my door in 2 days.

    2.i wish he would give me his concert tickets i belfast the oddysey arena.

    3. i wish i would have an amazing voice like shakira and miley and all and because i would have an amazing voice please make me famous just like all other popstars so i could meet them nearly every time and mostly selena shakira justin cheryl ect.

    Please grant me these wishes i would really be pleased for them to be granted. thank you wise geanie.

  • BunnieLovely says:

    1. New house with EVERYTHING the way i imagined it
    2. to be GREAT at basketball
    3. MORE stuff to do where i live

  • paulita says:

    i wish to have $1000
    i wish to never have homework
    i wish for every boy to like me

  • paulita says:

    hi genie please grant me these 3 wishes overnight PLEASE
    wish 1:i want to be skinny
    wish 2:i want to have the most beautiful hair ever with green highlights and my mom wont get mad or everyone wont get mad
    wish 3:i wish for every boy would want to be my boyfriend

  • alliah says:

    1 i wish for a million dollars
    2 i wish for world peace
    3 i wish that the bad things that happened to me in the past never happened.

  • crystal simmons says:

    I wish to receive a written check of $400,000.00

    I wish to receive Ray Smith as my Beloved Husband and with these sexual assault charge to be dropped because he is a innocent man. He needs to be a free man.

    I wish to receive my RN license very quickly.

  • Jessie Harun says:

    I wish to get anything anytime i want!

  • Anna says:

    i wish i had a nintendo dsi
    i wish my mother would let me have a sleepover with my best friend on friday
    i wish my father still lived in his old apartment

  • courtney says:

    i wish to be a mermaid when ever i touch water and i have the power of ice plese grant me this wish my birthday is next week plese

  • BenjaminLian says:

    I wish I had infite of wishes
    If I cant wish that then I wish I could
    Nuff said
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand be better at making music

  • kylie says:

    1. i wish that i was magic
    2. i wish my sisters would act better
    3. i wish i could grant wishes

  • kylie canning says:

    1. i wish i could turn to a fairy
    2. i wish i could talk to animals
    3. i wish that i was magic
    p.s if you would do this please let my step mother and my dad to go back together.[love]………….

  • hailie says:

    i wish myy nose would stop bleeding

  • Gertrude says:

    I wish to have a great Christmas for my seven kids
    I wish to have bills payed
    I wish for 500 dollars

  • Denn says:

    wish: To become a wizard with magical powers and that every spell i read on the internet i can make it come true i want a magical ring that makes me ten times more powerful and my powers can never go away.

  • Andrew Kuhn says:

    1st Wish: for no more crime
    2nd Wish: for the Shirt Tales to be on Netflix
    3rd Wish: to be rich and famous

  • Shanae says:

    1st Wish: To be very very very Rich and Famous
    2nd Wish: To be able to Do and Wear whatever I want
    3rd Wish: To have the powers to Read Minds and Fly

  • 1 i wish my crush would text me a ask me out
    2 i wish me and my mom lived without having to struggle for anthing money wise
    3 to be known and popular for who i am a really good singer awesome awkward nerdy cool person who is just shy sometimes

  • kylie says:

    i wish i was 4’11” tall and weighed 80lbs
    i wish that my hair was beach blonde, long, and pin straight
    i wish that i had a 29yearold mom named alice who was an actress and im an actress too

  • Saki says:

    I Wish Ian would love me
    I wish I was the best trumpet player in the world
    i wish i was an awesome digital anime artist

  • Sara says:

    I wish I could find a good man that treats me like a queen
    I wish the doors of all kinds of job opportunities would open up for me daily
    I wish I could experience happiness every single day

  • maddison says:

    i want to be a mermaid today the next time i touch water please(oh and can you grant my wish even thouth im 9)

  • adriana says:

    i wish this came true in the morning
    1.i wish i had a jacket to put on and i have powers
    2. i wish i smelled nice and was cool
    3. i wish i had a blackberry curve and all the set

  • adriana says:

    i wish i talked like different people and turn into them and turn back into me
    i wish this worked in the morning

  • adriana says:

    i wish all my wishes was on my carpet in the morning

  • Darren says:

    1. I wish I will have Super Human Strength
    2. I wish I will have the Ability to Fly
    3.I wish I will be Invincible (unstopable)
    ( I want to become a true and powerful superhero and protect innocent people in harms way) Please help me

  • ferdinand says:

    i wish i can be the next net multimillionaire…..
    i wish my wish can be granted…..

  • Luvinelle says:

    1. I wish for a shugo chara to grant me unlimited wishes. (I will not harm anyone with these wishes.)
    2. I wish I have clear flawless skin.
    3. I wish to see my online boyfriend.. It’s been a year and I really want to see him

    If you really do grant these wishes.. May God bless you throughout your entire life.

  • Sophia says:

    Hey Ted,

    1) I wish I had water powers of heating, freezing, and controlling water.
    2) I wish both of my crushes would like me.
    3) I wish my mom would have a car

    Hey sorry I’m 11 years old and I just really want these wishes. I know they sou d impossible, but I thought that maybe you can grant the wishes for me. Thanks!

  • elizabeta says:

    1) armani jeans hoodie
    2)macbook pro
    3)3,000 dollars

  • Eli says:

    I wish for you to remove my tattoos, leaving no trace that they were ever there.

  • Megan Judziewicz says:

    I wish that I was beautiful and my hair is super curly

    I wish that I was the best flute player knew all the notes and always in tune

    I wish I got straight A’s on everything on exams tests reviews and all the other things

  • Megan Judziewicz says:

    I wish that me and other women and girls that I know will never ever get their period ever again

  • gage says:

    i wish i had twin sisters

  • Draya Dawn Lindgren says:

    1. Hair that is 16 inches longer.
    2. Smarts.
    3. Blizzard!

  • ashley diaz says:

    1-I Wish For Hair To My Tail Bone
    2-I Wish I Could Sing Better
    3-I Wish I Had 50/50 Vision
    And I Want It Done As Fast As Possible

  • I wish to get into ECG or Phillips Executer Academy
    I wish to win many competitions this year. Mock Trial, Science Olympiad, math, ect.
    I wish to have a good future.

  • Aspen says:

    YAY!!! MY TURN?




  • lory says:

    I wish i had a car dosnt have to be new just a car for work….

  • Ozmandy Cuevas says:

    Dear Mr.Genie I am glad you are helping people and all I want to say is my three wishes are:
    1. I wish I was Amazing Spider-Man from the new movie
    p.s. I don’t need the costume I just want the web shooters and the mask.
    2. I wish I was as smart as Peter Parker.
    3. I wish I got all my presents from my x-mas list and even more.
    p.s. I want only 1 and 2 done by tomorrow at 3:30 a.m.
    Please make my wishes happen and I will charish them

  • jackie says:

    i wish for
    1. my mom and dad to have more money so they wont struggle as much
    2. a giant gummy bear
    3. more clothes so i can wear to school :p

  • Jessica says:

    1: I wish for my friends and family to never get sick.
    2: I wish for everything I wrote on the piece of paper about how I want to look, how I want all aspects of my life, and how I want my finances to be would be real and true.
    3. I wish my friend Marcus would be happy.

  • tara devine says:

    1.i wish for my small cousin katelyn to get better. she is speacial needs
    2.i wish for my family to win 20,000 pound becuz were kinda poor, plz.
    3. i wish for my mum to let me get my hair dies bleach blonde and it comes out lovely.

  • Omar says:

    1) I wish i had been born a beautiful blond girl with green eyes and only my friends carolina armenta and olimpia bernal will remember i was a boy.
    2) I wish to be an extremely powerful psychic powerful enough to do any psychic ability and all my descendancy will have the powers i will have.
    3) I wish to become an extremely powerful witch and my power will come from nature and i will be able to make every spell i do work no matter how big or small the spell will be and all my descendancy will have the same powers i will.

  • tiffany says:

    i know this is along shot realy butmaybe someone will read this i realy wish my mom had help with my brothers chrismas just one great christmas for him

  • Pierce says:

    1) I wish i had hair exactly like jared padalecki

    2)i wish i had a 4 door 1967 chevy impala with the keys instead of a 2 door maverick

    3) i wish i was as buff as jared padalecki and that i had the same exact tattoo as well

  • Diksha Suri says:

    Hello, I really have hopes from you. I really really want these wishes granted as soon as possible, i tried a lot to make them come true but nothing worked, NOTHING. IF these wishes come true, ill be the happiest girl in the world.

    1) I wish my parents let me do whatever i want. My parents are really strict about my grades, what i wear etc. I want them to let me do whatever i want and trust me. I want them to allow me to drink, get boyfriends, go to sleepovers and let me wear whatever i want. I mean this is my life, i want to enjoy it to the fullest and they are really in the way. I might sound bad with the drinking stuff, i won’t over do it or anything, maybe i wont even drink ever in my life but i still want to make my choices myself. I want them to let me do WHATEVER I WANT. I have typical Indian parents, who are very narrow minded, i wish they become more broad minded like Americans maybe.

    2) My second wish is what probably everyone’s wish. I want my parents to be more rich.Right now in our family we have a lot of financial problems actually. I want them to get a really good job offer and become billionaires, with a business where people work for them and they don’t have to work. I want to be very rich with like a nice pretty house with a pool, and like some cars. If i get rich i will do so much for the poor, so much!

    3) My third wish is love. I have a crush in school. I realllly, realllllly like him. I want him to fall in love with me, and then if one of us moves, i want the other one to move to the same school by coincidence, so we are always together <3.

    I hope you can make my wishes come true,fast. Please do, please please please. I'm waiting. I have so many hopes now

  • Chase Ross says:

    I wish to shapeshift into anything I think of by saying I want to be this person

    I wish for 9 hundred trillion dollars

    I wish I had super inteligence

  • Brooklyn says:

    1 I want a ipone 5. 2 I want a hundred dollars. 3 I want to have all the mermaid powers

  • Brooklyn says:

    P.S. could I have four wishes or three?if yes my fourth wish is to have long hair and light brown hair.

  • Kev says:

    Hi , no matter this is true or not , I will always try it out because I am really in need of somethings that I might never get in life .
    I wish … I could get good results for my tests and exams . No matter how hard I tried , I am just not as smart to achieve good results .
    I wish … My whole family are healthy and long live . It’s always best to stay together , I don’t what them to leave me behind alone . I want them to have better life when I grow up .
    I wish … That girl I love will love me back too . It might be too early to say love but I really love her .

  • maria says:

    i wish for unlimited wishes
    i wish for redo wishes
    i wish for a skinnier body and bigger breasts

  • Edith Loor Giraldo says:

    I wish my grown sons & family remember me and visit me these holidays.

  • Hello , like I thought it was awesome that you’re a genie , I believe in it!!!!!!!!! It’s amazing I wish I was a genie so bad . Like it would really help me from this struggle I’m living in! I’m 18 and had a baby why I was 18 that I could hardly take care of! It’s hard ! Baby sick no way to doctors appointment and can’t afford a cab not bus! It would really be helpful even tho it’s kind of a lot. Like my son not even gonna have a Christmas I would do almost anything I mean anything!!!!!!! I really need it!! Like my wishes are impossible I really hope and pray you can answer them .

    1.) I wish I had a 2012 ford mustang GT color green please.
    2.) i wish I was wealthy with an amazing job to give my son the world .
    3.) I wish I had my drivers license .

  • andre mccreary says:

    I wish for world peace
    I wish I haved the coolest superpowers ever

    I wish that goodness was all around us

  • claire says:

    i wish for i will be the fittest girl in my school
    i wish that my dream boyfriend will ask me out
    last of all i wish for me to be so so so pretty

  • dodo says:

    my dear please help me.. my 3 wishes are so simple. , i wish that my ex boyfriend ibrahim call me tomorrow that would be amazing surprise.. 2nd wish i wish i look awesome tomorrow evening.. 3rd i wish i spend really specail evening ..and i back home so happily

  • Josh McLees says:

    1. I wish I had a 6 pack of abs
    2. I wish I was really tall
    3. I wish I had telekinesis

    Please grant these :)

  • Kelley says:

    1. I wish to be mixed with Jamaican and Puerto Rican
    2. I wish to have flawless skin, but leave my beauty marks
    3. I wish to gain 20 pounds

  • Romeo says:

    Screw it, I’ll try it.
    1: I wish to be an immortal shapeshifter able to cure any disease including aging, and able to assume any form of any mass, and gain the abilities of that form.
    2: I wish to be able to store any object of any size and mass in the hood of my jacket, as if it had infinite space inside, without the jacket getting any heavier.
    3: I wish for these wishes to be granted in the year 2012 A.D.

  • Kelly says:

    1.) I wish that my crush would ask me out
    2.) I wish I could fly (cheesy, I know)
    3.) I wish that I could have V.I.P Front row One Direction tickets! :3 (Big fan over here)

  • Callum gill says:

    Wait I changed my mind for the first one I wish I could make my self related to anyone I like

  • Callum gill says:

    If you can’t do wish number 2 then I would like that whenever I instal mine craft mods the would instantly be put on to mine craft

  • cathy says:

    I wish for $400,000 cah money… or more

  • Amy says:

    1)I wish i had long beautiful black hiar
    2)Sexy,cute vampire boby and to be a good vampire
    3)To make the person i have a crush on ask me out and only love me

  • Amy says:

    I want my wish to come true tonight

  • I wish for this girl in my school ms226 Alana azeez to like me as her boyfriend.

    I wish we spent me and Alana azeez would spend more time togethe but were friends with benefits or boyfriend and girlfriend.

    I wish i found alot of money on the floor outside of where i live.

  • Juliana says:

    Hello Ted,

    i Just Have A Simple Wishes.

    1. I Wish I Will Recieve A Good Grades When I Recieve My Test Paper That I Am The 3rd Honor In Our School.

    2. I Wish I Could Recive A Honor Student Atleast 2nd honorable student in our school

    3.I Wish I Could Easily Memorize And Learn When Teaching And Studying Specially on Math and also on other subjects,

    Thats My 3 wishes I Hope wthis will come true because i hand my parents to be happy for me and also to other.

    • Juliana says:

      Thats My 3 Wishes I Hope *this* will come true because i *want* my parents to be happy for me and also to other.

  • Juliana says:

    * I Also WIsh That I Could Lose A Weight
    * HAve a Psychic Powers
    *Find a GOod Anime series about friends that is a sad story

    ^^ he he im not expecting that this wish would be granted but my first 3 wishes i wish that will be granted

  • PJ says:

    I wish I had the Call of Duty: World at war Modded ISO game for my Xbox 360. I wish I could fly. And I wish I could spawn anything I want just by saying it so I can help the world.

  • Osiris says:

    I wish I had a vagina.

  • Daniel Brown says:

    1 I wish for $10,000,000 to come to me right now without hurt, harm or danger to come me or my loved-ones.
    2 I am already a very talented bassist, drummer, guitarist, pianist, singer composer/songwriter, performer, bandleader,choreographer and businessman. My wish is for the caliber of each of these talents to multiply 10 times the skill level right now.
    3 I wish to crush the evil intentions that my former in-laws and the rest of my enemies have against me and embarrass them in ultimate shame.

  • 1. I wish that I will win the jackpot of every lottery/card game/gambling game that I play, enter or buy a ticket for.

    2. I wish that I will start a business, that will export billions of dollars worth of products to other countries, which will employ thousands of homeless people and pay them a good salary/benefits to take care of themselves and their families.

    3. I wish that I will be able to lead my family into sprirtual and economic success.

  • raconya Burroughs says:

    I wish i had a ipad to help me stay organized and up to date in the social media.
    I wish for at least four thousand dollars to help me through school for i can become a nurse.
    I wish my hair was real long and pretty like long on my back and curly.

  • neel says:

    i wish for to get my exloverback forever
    i wished thosed thing stucked get back
    i wished to get rich

  • Takyira Wilson says:

    I Wish For
    1.) 10,000 Dollars
    2.) Great Luck In Relationships
    3.) Never To Be Rejected

  • DeVaney Rosario says:

    1) I wish I can have every super power in the world for the rest of my life. 2) I wish to have $88888888888.00. 3) I wish for my crush to love me and for our family and friends to not care we are dating.

  • Jolyn Yio says:

    Thank you for granting wishes! It would make my life so much easier and better! :)
    1. I wish for 500 Million Singapore Dollars
    2. I wish for a body like a supermodel.
    3. I wish to have a sharp nose.
    Thank You!

  • Angel Knight says:

    1: I wish I would turn into a beautiful girl.
    2: i wish my to have very good eyesight.
    3: i want to have very good intelligence.

  • hoda says:

    i wish ibrahim call me tonight and apologize for me asks me outtt

  • 1) I wish I was skinny. 2) I wish I could meet my friend Australian_Made from camfrog. 3) I wish I was a fantastic singer.

  • abby says:

    1) I wish my family had a lot of money
    2) I Wish I was pretty
    3) for my moms back to not be broken

  • Abby says:

    does this really work?

  • Jojo says:

    I want to be tall and beautiful. And I want to go on tour with one direction and them to think I’m beautiful

  • josue says:

    1. get a real muscle car a dodge charger if possible
    2. become rich
    3.pass every test in school

  • Evan says:

    I wish I would attract all the guys around my area to be best friends with me and just be stunned and think I’m so cool! I wish I would be the town hunk and every girl will be in love with me. I really hope Destiny falls in love with me. Sincerely, Evan!

  • Evan says:

    It’s Evan again! My 2nd wish is for my parents to win the lottery tickets on my moms night table that I will check tomorrow. I wish for us to win them both and the jackpot prize on them!

  • Evan says:

    Ive made 2 wishes so far in the other comments. But I wish both those wishes will be granted by tomorrow!

  • Aaron says:

    I wish I would meet the girl of my dreams
    I wish for a I pod touch for my birthday on Jan 26
    I wish for a I phone 5 for my birthday

  • Jim Royster says:

    My 1st Wish I Wish I Had SuperHearing in Both of My Ears so I Can Be Able to Hear Everyone More Better and To Be Able to Hear Everything My 2nd Wish I Wish in Gods Image of Me Jim Royster to Have Been Conseve With, Created With and Born With All Of EverySingle one All of Everything that Wonder Woman Has and Was Given to Her in All The Wonder Woman ComicBooks. I Wish to Be Come A Trillioniar and to Win 999 Trillion Dollars In Cash. My 3rd and Final Wish is I Wish To Lose Alot of Weight on My Belly, Stmoach, Hips, Thighs, Legs, Butt, My Arms and My Arm Pitts on All The Junk Food and Healthy Food I Eat and All the Beverges I Drink I Want to Lose 155. Pounds of the Weight and to Weigh 101 Pounds and to Stay at a 101 Pounds and to Not Gain Very Again and All My Three Wishes to Be Granted Today and To Be Premanently Premanent For Life To Be Premanently Premanent For Ever and Ever and To Be Prmanently Premanent.

  • Jim Royster says:

    My 1st Wish I Jim Royster Wishes to of Been Thought of in Gods Image of Me to of Been Conseved With Created With and Born With All of Everything All of Every Single one of All of Everything, All of Everyone of All of Everything and All of Everylast one of All of Everything That Wonder Woman Has and Was Given to Her in All The Wonder Woman ComicBooks that The Greek Gods and Greek Godddess Gave Her in All The Wonder Woman ComicBooks I Wish For All The Same. My 2nd Wish is I Wish to Have All of Everything that Wonder Woman was Given to Her The Bracelets she wore the Belt, The Lasso of Truth and the Tiara with Red Star and Dark Red Ruby to Be Give to Me Jim Royster I Wish to Spin into The Top Part of Wonder Woman’s Wing W Costume that my 1989 Wonder Woman Action Figure is Wearing to become My Top Part and The Exsact same Bottom Part that Wonder Woman is Wearing in Her 2nd Series Wonder Woman 63 She’s Back Wonder Woman ComicBook Bottom Part with 46 White Stars and My Own Top Part with a Wing W On the My Top Part and the Bottom Part I Wished to to be my Bottom Part Every Time I Jim Royster Spins. Golden Magic Bracelets that will go All the Way Around Both My Wrists and A Belt of Strength and Golden Magic Lasso of Truth and Forgetfulness that will Always Have Everyone Bound With it Make Tell Me The Truth when they are Bound With it.

  • Jim Royster says:

    I Wish To Truthfully Truthful Truly Feel All My Today Wishes and All That I Jim Royster Wished For Today to Honestly Come True to Truthfully Truthful Truly Come True and Be Granted For Real Tonight at 12:00 A.M. Tonight I Welcome and Invite A Real Life Genie to Come Tonight at 12:00 A.M. Tonight to Grant All My Wishes and To Have All My Wishes Come True Ted The Real Life Real Genie Please Come Tonight to Grant All My Wishes and To Have All My Wishes Come True Please the Address is 771 Schiller St. Elgin, Illinois 60123 My Bedroom is the One that will Have Lots of Picture of Wonder Woman on My Wall and Come When I’m A Sleep I Will Fall A Sleep at 11:40 P.M. Tonight after I Play a Game I will be Playing until that time Tongiht Come Right at 12:00 A.M. Tonight To Have All My Wishes Come True and All My Wishes To Be Grant I Want to Be Able to Feel You Granting All My Wishes and I Want Feeling All My Wishes Coming True.

  • Jim Royster says:

    I Wish For The One That is Wearing the Wonder Woman Costume on Face Book that I Wrote to just a View Min’s Ago To be Nice and To Let Me Borrow Her Lasso, Bracelets, and The Belt.

  • Janine says:

    I wish to win the lotto in the millions and wish to have Garry back n be finally happy

  • Jim Royster says:

    My 1st Wish I Jim Royster Wishes That God Thought of me in His Image of Me Jim Royster and I To of Been Conseved With Created With and Born With All That Wonder Woman Has and Was Given in All The Wonder Woman ComicBooks All of Her Super Powers, All of Her Super Strong Muscles, All of Her SuperHearing, All of Her Super Abilities, All of Her Super Swift Enough Super Speed, All of Her Pyschic Powers, All of Her Pyschic Abilities, All of Pyschic Strengths, All of Her Telepathic Powers, All of Her Telepathic Abilities, I To Get to Be As Strong As Wonder Woman As Strong As Superman, Stronger Than Hercules, As Stong as He-Man, As Strong as She-Ra, As Strong as Inredible Hulk, As Strong as She-Hulk, Swifter Than Mercury, Wiser Than Athena, Beautifuler Than Aphrodite, SuperHearing In Both of My Ears. Both of My Ears to Have SuperHearing in Both My Ears, My 2nd Wish I Wish To Lose All of My Weight on My Belly, My Waste, My Stmoach, My Thighs, My Hips, My Legs,My Butt, My Arms, My Arm Pitts, My Private Part, With All Foods That I Eat With The Junk Food That I Eat to Lose Weight With The Healthy Food I Eat To Lose Weight and With All Different Beverges That I Drink To Lose Want ant to of Lost 155.6 Pounds of All My Weight and to Weigh at My Goal Weight 101.0 Pounds. For My Body to Be Able to Move All Around and I To Be Able To Move Without Any Problems, Premontions of The Past, Present and Future, To Be Able to Move High Mountains With My Mind to Have Mind Powers to Change The Red Light to Green Light With My Mind To Have Telikense Power. My 3rd Wish I Wish For All My Wishes That I Wished for Today and Yesterday To All Be Granted and All Come True Today and Now Please.

  • Jim Royster says:

    I Wish For All My Monday Wishes All My Yeasterday Wishes, And All My Today Wishes that I going to Wish For To Truthfully Truthful Truely Come True For Real And I Wish For All My Wish Monday Wishes, Yesterday Wishes, and Today Wishes to All Be Granted For Real in This Real Reality Real World and I Wish it I Wish For the The Move that is Not Letting My Body Move and Not Letting Me Move to Vanish and Disapear For Good, The Grabbing that Not Letting Me Grab to Vanish and Disapear For Good All The Bad Things That Happening to Me to Vanish and Disapear For Good and Permanently Permanent For Life and For Ever and Ever I Wish To Really Feel All My Monday Wishes, All My Yesterday Wishes and All My Today Wishes to All Come True and All Be Granted Today and Tonight All My Monday Wishes All My Yesterday Wishes and All My Today Wishes to Be Granted and Come True Tonight While I’m A Sleep Tonight in My Bed I Wish For The Genie To Appear in To My Bedroom Tonight at 12:00 A.M. Midnight Tonight To Grant All My Monday Wishes, All My Yesterday Wishes and All My Today Wishes Tonight at 12:00 A.M. Midnihgt Tonight I Wish It and I Wish For Them All To Come True and To Be Granted Tonight at 12:00 A.M. Midnight Tonight I Jim Royster Wishes.

  • Monet says:

    My first wish is that I wish that my bracelet had the list of super powers in my journal, and who ever wears the bracelet has the super powers.

    My second wish is that my mom won half a billion dollars, from the lottery.

    My final wish is that, the boy ai like would ask me out .

  • miel delmo says:

    1. I wish i would pass my scitech exam so that my parents would be proud of me 2. I wish i was genius in math 3 i wish to be a rich person
    could you grant it all!

  • samara says:

    i wish for 100,000 pounds
    to be skinny
    to be have an iphone

  • samantha abigail says:

    1. I wish I was so gorgeous, I could put a Victoria’s secret model to shame.
    2. I want to have a body figure everyone would envy because of high metabolism.
    3. I want George Shelley, from UnionJ, to notice me somehow and ask me to be his lover for life.
    Thank you so much! I really hope this works. I’ve tried many sites and I was disappointed to say they were not to my liking. I hope I enjoy yours. Have a good day!

  • Lee Ka Hoew says:

    First I wish my height is 5 feet 10 inches tall
    Second I wish my family get live with healthy
    Lastly I wish that my family would never become old

  • Ian J says:

    Can you grant these wishes exactly at 11:11 am today?
    OK.wish 1 I wish to be able to have anything I wish for come true after I wish for it
    Wish 2 I wish that Mrs Gunther isn’t sick anymore
    Wish 3 I wish to have every power

  • Hi Ted my wishes are
    1. I wish that all of my exam grades would turn into Bs or higher before this Friday
    2.I really would like to the prettiest girl in school
    3. I wish my family was happy and wealthy
    Pleas make my wishes come true <3

    • My apologies
      But i would like to change my second wish
      instead of being the prettiest girl in school I wish that i was a straight A student and was on my way to passing high school.
      Pleas help me Ted

  • cristy fabon says:

    1. I wish to have a flawless fair skin.
    2. I wish to have a smooth,glowing and clear skin in my face.
    3. I wish to have a beautiful hair.

  • jay says:

    Wish 1. I wish u would grant everyone there wishes!:)
    Wish 2. I wish I had a boyfriend with black longish hair and red or yellow eyes and was a scary wolf or vampire like Alucard the BA!!
    Wish 3. I wish to be skinny with big boobs!!:) lol

  • mansi gupta says:

    i want to be intelligent and i want to get full marks in exam and semesters

  • Gabriel says:

    1. I wish alexandria was my girlfriend.
    2. I wish I had a new car.
    3. I wish i passed all my exams.

  • Claire says:

    I wish to be 120 lbs
    I wish To get Amazing grades
    I wish I met Davey Havok and could sing with him

  • Maria says:

    Three wishes:
    1.I wish for a cute guy to ask me out (that’s in my class)
    2.I wish to be really skinny
    3.I wish I have $4000 dollars

  • Breanna mueller says:

    Wish 1) I wish that I had a magic notebook that whenever I wrote something down it would come true

    • Breanna mueller says:

      Oops it would come true instantly I forgot to add that

    • Breanna mueller says:

      And it would appear under my pillow when I go to bed tonight yeah that wish wasn’t done so the wih complete is
      Wish 1) I wish that I had a magic notebook that had infinite pages and whenever I wrote anything down into it and close it then put it under my pillow it would come true in the place that I desired it according to the book and the book would appear under my pillow at exactly 9:00 PM

  • Breanna mueller says:

    Wish 2) my wishes would come true instantly
    Wish 3) that I could read minds just by looking at the persons forehead for three seconds

  • Jennifer Herd says:

    I wish that One Direction would show up at my house saying I won the contest I entered and hang out with me.
    I wish Harry Styles and Niall Horan would fall in love with me.
    I wish I could turn invisible when ever I wanted and fly like Peter Pan.

  • r.s.kaarthicheyan says:


  • Braxton says:

    1. I wish I had a 2014 GMC Sierra z71 4×4 with a 6 inch lift and Texas mud tires (20 inch)
    2. I wish I had $999,999,999,999
    3. I wish that the first two wishes come true

  • timothy says:

    1. I wish i had A newborn son
    2. I wish i had 30,000$$
    3. I wish i had a Automatic Car

  • timothy says:

    1. I wish i had my own Apartment
    2. I wish i had drivers id
    3. I wish i was smart & GED

  • matt pace says:

    i wish i had the same powers as superman
    i wish i could draw like jim lee
    i wish i had a pretty girlfreind

  • 1) I wish I had 1000,000

    2) I wish my mam and dad will be nice to me

    3) I wish I could do what ever I whant and be the smartist and the strogust in the would

  • Luvinelle says:

    1. I wish to have clear, flawless, light skin.
    2. I wish I am a little bit skinnier.
    3. I wish to move right next to Neil Eugene Tyler in Austin, TX and to move to his school :)

  • alicia says:

    i hope this is real my daughters father threw me out of his house when i dont work………so heres my wishes
    1)clothes as i was only able to grab a few
    2) shoes/boots
    3)to be able to buy all the girlie things i left behind

  • shamitha says:

    I want a wishing paper
    I want everyone to be happy in the world
    I want you to be happy

  • Sam says:

    1. Confirmation from the job i applied in Africa
    2. Become Skinny
    3. Have flawless skin

  • Caycie says:

    My three wishes are:
    I wish for my hair to grow to my mid back overnight.

    I wish to lose 31 pounds overnight

    I wish to become an expert at basic acrobatics, hand to hand combat, martial arts, and archery skills and techniques, then become apart of a superhero team like the Team from Young Justice, and to be in a romantic relationship with a teammate like Jason Todd from batman this week

  • Caycie says:

    My three wishes are:
    1) I wish to have darker, thicker, longer, softer hair instantly at 11:3o pm tonight
    2) I wish to lose 31 pounds instantly at 11:30 pm tonight
    3) I wish to become an expert at basic acrobatic skills, hand to hand combat, martial arts, and archery skills techniques instantly at 11:30 pm tonight, and then become apart of suphero team like The Team from Young Justice instantly on Feburary 8, 2013 at 12:30 pm

  • i wish that i lived a rich and fabulous life/lifestyles out on my own living my own life without having to lack or need or want anything or ever be homeless ever in my life!

  • neel says:

    i wished for get my gold and money back which stucked
    i wished for to get my elover back

  • mickel trystan retirado says:

    1. i wish for a PS3 and a Xbox 360
    2. i wish for a super fast internet
    3. i wish to be super smart

  • brittney saucier says:

    my 3 wishes are
    1. to be a vampire who could go out in the sun, go to sleep at night, and loves onions
    2.to be half fairy and half human but I don’t show my wings to anyone
    3.the most popular girl in school who had pretty dresses not short or long I would say in the middle

  • Sam says:

    I wish for my wishes to be granted instantly.
    I wish to have the power to change causality at will.
    I wish to have fact inducement anytime I wear any ring on my right ring finger, if I were to lose that finger for it to move to my right middle finger and so on, and it to take effect even if there’s no one around to hear me.

  • Jake says:

    1 I wish I had every WWE toy
    2 I wish I was famous
    3 I wish there was 1,000,000,000,000 instantly at 12:00 April 19, 2013

  • Jake says:

    make the $1,000,000,000,000 in my wallet

  • Thomas Badkin says:

    1.I whish to win a lot of money.
    2.I whish to have a sexy gohtic girlfriend who will love my always and forever
    3. I whish for a long life

  • 1. to grant my own wishes
    2.for me to be a just add water mermaid with the power to grant my wishes
    3.for this wish to come true on 4/23/13

  • ldiana tisdale says:

    wish number 1. to have a paid for very nice home of my very own to live in that i can financially keep up with that is in a good neighborhood in my current city.

    wish number 2 . that my son will be happy and satisfied with his future life while he is being very successful in making a lot of money.

    wish number 3 that i will get a huge substantial increase in my steady flow of income..

  • jamie bishop says:

    1) i wish for a ghost girlfriend hot sexy
    2)i wish i have the mood boobs movie
    3)i wish i can go through screens they can come out

  • Vanessa Barnum says:

    1. I wish for me and my ex boyfriend Steve Douglas Morris to get back together right away now and that he doesnt care about the distance
    2.I wish for my ex boyfriend Steve Douglas Morris to move back to St.Thomas to live closer to me
    3. I wish for my ex boyfriend Steve Douglas Morris to not be wit anyone else only me and to only love me and want to be with me and for him to be patient and to wait for me to get my own apartment so i can see him often and for him to love me more and for him to want me back now and to apoligize to me for emotionally hurting me

  • lalitha says:

    I wish to be a goddess

    I wish that I have regained my confidence and ability to use magic

    I wish to be free from my human life

  • Tina says:

    1. I wish for financial freedom
    2. I wish for super self confidence
    3. I wish for a loving marital relationship

  • Riyad says:

    1. I wish for a credit card with which I can spend upto infinity and I won’t ever need to pay them back. It has to work everywhere.
    2. I wish for super awesome soccer skills.
    3. I wish I had photographic memory with which I can get good grades till university in every subject.

  • RebFreya says:

    I wish I could see better since my eyes are strained I think from too much computer.
    I wish I could freeze time and also resume time like Piper Halliwell (I dont really know whats the spelling)in the movie Charmed played by Holly Marie Combs.
    I wish to have a bike.Tall ones like Sharri my friend but red color and all it’s materials.

  • RebFreya says:

    Um Ted,I would like to change no. 2 that I want to be a valedictorian till college.

  • RebFreya says:

    Change ALL my wishes
    1st of all-I wish me and my family would be healthy
    2nd-I wish to be a good person and the 3rd is that I wish I can levitate

    Hope you can fullfill it?

  • I wish for my magic wand that I designed to Grant my every wish to appear as a ring in my rainbow box in my bedroom on Monday when I get home from school (it will magically appear @ 11:11 am)
    ( the design is on my desk in my bedroom for the wand ,ring and bracelet)

    When to transform the wand into a bracelet or ring, I yell/say/whisper ” ring” or “bracelet” while closing my eyes (I do the same thing to transform it into a wand too)

    I also wish for my hair to grow knee length overnight on Sunday or Monday night instantly


  • Hannah drew says:

    1.I wish I had long hair
    2.I wish I had magic in my hands
    3.I wish my life is awesome

  • david says:

    Wish 1)I want five million dollars under my bed when I wake up the reason is I need money for family.

    Wish 2)I wish when I go to eighth grade all my grades would be atleast a B.

    Third wish I’ll save just for a emergency

  • Lucy Coates says:

    I wish a magical notebook will appear under my pillow at 10:00 pm an anything written in it, no matter how unreal or impossible it can be, will happen in 30 seconds. I can stop it from happening by getting a red pen and crossing it out. The pages in the notebook will be endless!!!!!!!

  • Akaysha says:

    I wish that i get a MacBook because i want a computer.

    I wish that i have a mermaid power that i can control, freeze, and boil water.

    And i wish that i could see the cast of The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle.

  • Dear Ted, I hope my wishes come true as soon as I wake up tomorrow…..,…………..

    (1st) I wish I was a shape shifter to turn into any thing I think of.

    (2nd) I wish I had an I pod with every game free.

    (3rd) I wish I had 1,000 dollars

    I hope they come true!


    Chloe overton. : )

  • P.s can I have five more wishes

  • P.s can I have one more wish please.

  • favour iyase says:

    1.I wish for my account balance will change to 900,000 thousand naria,before the july 2013 runs out
    2.i wish be better than avicci in beat making
    3.i wish I will be a music celebrity

  • Adam A. Gonzales says:

    My first wish is to get accepted into UT when I apply. My second wish is that I want to wake up with the skin I had when I was 10 years old. And my third wish is to have my mom come home in the month of November for sure and not go back to where she came from. I know these sound selfish but it would amazing if you could grant them but if you can’t I understand and thanks for at least looking at my comment.

  • Pierce says:

    1. I wish that my mom would convince my grandma to let me have the blazer were borrow in exchange for my maverick
    2. I wish I was taller preferably 6″4′
    And 3. I wish that my dad would get better and lose his weight and get back into the work force so he can do things for himself again and be happy

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